Poor Driving Habits You Need to Avoid

It’s easy to fall victim to a false sense of security while on the road. By taking a moment to evaluate your driving habits you can avoid small annoyances as well as fatal accidents. Bad habits are easy to pick up but with our guide you can ensure your own safety as well as the safety of those around you.

Texting and driving is really so much more than just that. It is tempting to catch up on work emails or browse social media while cruising down a familiar stretch of road. Distracted driving is deadly and needs to stop immediately. You may save a few minutes at the office or feel more connected to your loved ones when you utilize your commute to stay in touch, but at what cost? The statistics are sobering. Texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to be in an accident. While that should be enough reason to put your phone down while you drive, click here for more information on the dangers of Texting and Driving.

Failure to adjust your driving for poor weather conditions is a major cause of accidents. As creatures of habit most of us leave home at about the same time each day. But when we don’t allow additional time for our commute due to inclement weather it can lead to an accident. Slow down when faced with fog, snow or potentially icy roads. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 24% of accidents are weather related.

Driving in the left lane is annoying and sometimes illegal. Unless you are passing another vehicle or intend to make a left turn you should steer clear of the passing lane. Getting back into the right lane after passing allows traffic to flow as intended and avoid possible road rage incidents with speedsters.

Using your turn signals isn’t just a courtesy; it’s for your own safety. No one wants to get rear ended and using your turn signals is a must to avoid a rear end crash.

Driving an unsafe vehicle puts you and everyone else on the road at risk. Maintaining your brakes and tires is the most important thing you can do to ensure safe travels. Additionally consult your vehicle manual for advice on regular service intervals and proper fluid levels to keep your car or truck in tip top shape.

Tailgating should be reserved for the parking lot before the big game. Keeping a proper distance of 2-3 seconds behind the car in front of you can help avoid a crash in the event of a sudden stop. When weather conditions are less than perfect add additional seconds to your follow time.

Despite having accident insurance and a vehicle service contract with CARS Protection Plus, no one wants to deal with the issues that come along with a fender bender. By taking an honest look at your driving habits and using common sense, avoidable accidents won’t be a problem for you.