Here’s how Coverage Plan from CARS Protection Plus can keep Repair Bills down

Cars Protection Plus

The mechanical workings of your “daily driver” car aren’t always clear. We turn the key to start the engine, but what’s really going on within the electrical components that get starter motors churning and pistons pumping? CARS Protection Plus knows that motorists don’t always have the time nor interest to learn about the inner-most workings of their mode of transportation. What’s worth understanding (and what we’ll cover in this article) is the simple fact that parts wear out. Repair shops aren’t trying to take your money; there are indeed preventative maintenance issues worth addressing sooner rather than later.

Sinking Feeling: Most of us can “feel” when something about our car or truck isn’t right. Whether it’s a smell, sound or clear-as-day sight, it’s sometimes possible to get to the root of the problem with your senses alone. A failing suspension system is one that’s going to produce an uncomfortable ride at best and leave you on the side of the road at worst. CARS Protection Plus has warranty plans that account for ball joints and springs that keep vehicle suspensions from bottoming out. Drivers who picked up this vehicle protection plan and had work performed by a certified shop would thus be able to benefit from coverage.

Friendly Reminder: The warning lights that pop up on our dashboards aren’t there to aggravate us. Rather, intricate electronic systems pick up on unseen discrepancies going on under the hood and give us a crucial heads-up. The “check engine” light, while a bit general in its direction, lets mechanics employ various code-reading devices to further nail down what’s wrong. CARS Protection Plus warranty holders will undoubtedly save money when expensive automatic transmission components are failing. An overheating engine, which would also trigger a dash light, could be pinned down to low coolant levels, a clogged radiator or failed fan.

Strings Attached: A broken-down car needs to be towed to the garage. The garage will have clearly-stated labor costs per hour. While your car is in the shop, you’ll need a rental vehicle to get around. CARS Protection Plus has accounted for all of these elements and policyholders will benefit from reimbursements from towing, rental and labor. There will be some out-of-pocket costs, as there are with medical bills for insurance policy holders, but that’s just the cost of doing business on the road.

Even those in-tune with their cars can’t accurately predict which part is going to fail next. The best way to plan for this inevitability is by picking up a coverage plan and guarding yourself against expensive repair bills.