The Cars of the Future: Prepare to Invest in a Strong Protection Plan

Cars Protection Plus

There you are, sitting on the sofa watching an awesome movie portraying cars in the future, wondering to yourself if the automotive industry will ever produce a similar vehicle.  Herbie the Volkswagen Beetle, featured in The Love Bug, drives autonomously and even has feelings.  Bumblebee, the Chevrolet Camaro from the Transformers movie, has a mind of its own.  The Delorean in Back to the Future flies and travels through time.  The incredible vehicle in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang not only drives, but also flies and floats.  Now, we don’t need to look at a screen to see the cars of our dreams.

It is finally happening: self-driving cars are becoming more of a reality.  What many may not know is that the self-driving car has been in the works for decades.  Since the 1920s, inventive minds have attempted to control vehicles with machines, but it has not yet become mainstream.  Numerous automotive manufacturers are jumping on board and producing cars that drive themselves, which will make our commutes and road trips much smoother…or will they?

It is clear that there is a sense of hesitation surrounding the production of autonomous vehicles.  Sure, it is an amazing advancement and can make our lives much easier.  However, there are many drawbacks, and replacing humans is not always the best option.  Driving is not without risks, and is in fact one of the leading causes of fatalities and injuries.  If a vehicle cannot make a human judgement and relies solely on technology, there are bound to be errors, and these cars will need major servicing.

If you do decide to jump on the self-driving bandwagon, you will need a service plan you can be confident in.  One of Uber’s self-driving cars recently hit and killed a pedestrian because of malfunctioning.  This is one of many potential examples for why these cars will need frequent repairs and inspections.  They may be more prone to fender benders, which means having solid service protection on the vehicle, such as a plan from Cars Protection Plus, is essential.  Cars today are very complex because of the multitude of advancements, so there are many more ways in which vehicles can malfunction.  Regular maintenance, especially of self-driving cars, is critical to prevent issues.  Just like your regular and unplanned trips to the doctor, your vehicle deserves Cars Protection Plus for both scheduled maintenance and emergency trips.  The newest advancements in the automotive industry are exciting, but no car is without flaws and all should have dependable service plans.