Cars Protection Plus Discusses the Most Common Reasons a Car Needs Repairs

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Are you considering buying a car? Have you created a monthly budget for yourself? Making a car expense budget can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what problems your vehicle might have in the future. The truth of the matter is, your car’s warranty will one day expire, and the older your car gets, the more problems its likely to have. For this reason, CARS Protection Plus offers the best vehicle service contracts within the U.S. to save their customers thousands of dollars in car repairs down the road. CARS Protection Plus has been around since 1998, and with more than twenty years of experience in the industry, they wish to inform their customers on what car issues to be aware of. Below, CARS Protection Plus will discuss three of the most common car repairs.

Spark Plug Replacement

When it comes to older cars, spark plug replacements are a common occurrence. When trying to start your ignition, your spark plug creates a spark that jumps the gap between electrodes. When this happens, the spark will burn off a small amount of metal. As your car gets older, this gap will grow, and over time, the spark will no longer be able to make the jump. Spark plug malfunctions can cause poor gas mileage, misfires, and bad acceleration. If your car is an older model and has a lite “check engine” light, it may be time to replace your spark plug.

Oxygen Sensor Replace

If your car was made before 1996, you won’t need to worry about replacing an oxygen sensor. However, for everyone, broken oxygen sensors can be a fairly common car issue. Oxygen sensors measure how much oxygen is being produced by combustion and is used to fine-tune the air-fuel mixture. When an oxygen sensor stops working, it can cause low gas mileage, misfiring, and other engine components.

Brake Work

A recent study showed that out of 2000 Americans, 25% know they should take their cars in for repairs but continue to drive them anyway. If you believe your vehicle is experiencing brake malfunctions, it is essential to take your car in for repairs immediately as brake failure can result in serious injury. The most common causes of brake failure are brake fluid leaks and worn out discs or drums. Over time, your car becomes more likely to experience these problems with their breaks, so if your vehicle is an older model, take measures to check your breaks frequently.