Vehicle Protection Plans: What You Need to Know

Buying an older vehicle can save you a small fortune in depreciation. But as the odometer creeps ever higher you may wonder if your savings will be depleted by unexpected vehicle repairs. This is why CARS Protection Plus is proud to be a leading provider of Vehicle Service Contracts. Sometimes referred to as an aftermarket warranty, a VSC is designed to provide financial assistance when a covered part has failed. Understanding the coverages available and selecting one that meets your needs can save you time and money as your vehicle matures.

Unlike a manufacturer’s warranty most vehicle service contracts allow you to take your vehicle to the service center of your choice. You do not need to go to an unfamiliar service department in a new car dealership. Another benefit of choosing a service contract from a third party provider is the ability to review several levels of coverage. Selecting the plan that covers the exact components that concern you, gives you the power to select as much or as little protection as you need.

When selecting your mechanical insurance provider it is important to know who you are dealing with.  A reputable company should be fully insured. This is to make certain assistance will still be provided if the company goes out of business during the contract. Making a hasty decision to go with an uninsured provider, may leave you to pay for you own repairs if the company goes under.  Another great resource for vetting your service contract provider is the Better Business Bureau. All businesses are bound to have a few bad reviews. The Better Business Bureau takes into account the company’s willingness to work through disputes and follow up on customer concerns. Choosing a company with an A+ rating is reassurance that you have found a great provider.

The best time to select your vehicle contract is when purchasing your vehicle from a reputable dealership. Check out some of our tips for buying used vehicles here. Once you have found a trustworthy dealer and selected your next dream car, adding a service contract is easy. Many dealerships don’t charge any upfront fees. Adding the contract to your financing is a smart decision for added peace of mind without having to come up the money all at once. The decision to add a vehicle protection plan can seem difficult. However, with a little reassurance from Cars Protection Plus, the choice is obvious.

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