Driving Safety Tips for Driving in a School Zone

School Bus

Children are our most precious cargo. While driving in neighborhoods, especially around schools it is important to observe safe driving habits and follow the laws in your area. Follow the guide below to ensure safe travel in school zones.

Being aware of the location of school zones in your area is important. Be mindful that pick-up and drop off procedures are underway at the beginning and end of each school day. Slowing down in a school area will allow you to adjust according to the goings on in that area. If you are picking up your own kids don’t double park. It makes it impossible to see children crossing the road. It may be helpful to arrange a carpool to reduce the amount of cars at the school if limited parking is available.

School buses follow specific procedures when exiting the school. Obey the crossing guard and allow all buses to exit the school together. Passing a school bus is dangerous and being in a hurry is no excuse to put the life of a child in danger. Obey the flashing stop lights when buses are stopped. Never pass a stopped school bus and allow ample space between you and the children exiting the bus. Proceed with caution once the bus begins to move again.

If you are picking up children at a bus stop try to park on the side of the road where the bus doors open. The area within 10 feet of the school bus is the most dangerous for children. Minimize the risk to your kids by making sure they are in that zone for as little time as possible. Exit your car and give your full attention to your child. Leave cell phones and other distractions behind and meet your child at the bus. Getting them into the vehicle safely should be main focus.

Often overlooked are kids that ride a bike to school. Beware of children unprepared for traffic situations on school zones. A kid on a bike may appear quickly from driveways or from between parked cars. Be vigilant making sure to allow a bicyclist at least 3 feet between your car and their bike. When getting out of your car check your mirror to be sure you won’t hit an unsuspecting child on a bike.

By exercising caution drivers can be sure to keep kids safe in school zones. At CARS Protection Plus, we want all drivers to put safety first.  This is never more important than during the school year. Follow these helpful tips to ensure a safe environment for the kids in your neighborhood.

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